our story

OCON Medical has its roots in the summer of 2008 when Dr. Ilan Baram, MD, had a serendipitous idea that ball-shaped IUDs would solve the problem of malposition – a situation where the standard T-shaped IUD shifts and turns inside the uterus and which is difficult to detect on ultrasound. Malposition could also be a possible cause for pain and excess bleeding. Dr. Baram, a senior gynecologist who focuses on contraception at his clinics immediately started working on finding a solution to the problem: how to pass a ball-shaped IUD through the cervical canal which is only a few millimeters in diameter. This ‘magic’ was eventually enabled by a material with unique elastic properties called Nitinol, a metal alloy used extensively in medical implants such as coronary stents which can be ‘programmed’ to retain a certain shape. When OCON was established in early 2011 we chose Nitinol for the IUB™’s frame core and went on to design the most gentle shape to minimize risks and endometrial irritation. 

Since then we have developed additional IUB™ variants to provide a better fit to all women seeking high quality long acting reversible contraception and are involved in developing novel women’s health products based on our proprietary frame.

OCON Medical is backed by Pontifax, RMI , Docor International, E. Burke Ross and Geddes Parsons - some of the world’s leading life sciences venture partners and private investors.

The Innovation behind The Pearls

THE PEARLS in South Africa

Kingfisher Medical Supplies (Pty) Ltd is proud to expand its medical portfolio by partnering with OCON Medical in Israel.

We are excited to bring on The Copper Pearls - IUB™.  An innovative intrauterine technology that will improve the health and quality of life for women in South Africa!