Three Major IUD Problems and Solutions to Fix Them

Three Major IUD Problems and Solutions to Fix Them

Three Major IUD Problems and Solutions to Fix Them


Modern intrauterine devices (IUDs) have come a long way since the 1980s, when they fell out of favor. Today's IUDs are safer and more effective than their predecessors. Even so, there are still some complications you may have to deal with.


One of the main complications with IUDs is expulsion. In a small number of women, an IUD can be spontaneously expelled from the vagina or dislodged from its proper position. This is most common in women who have never had vaginal childbirth, and when the IUD was inserted soon after vaginal childbirth. It's recommended that you check for the string that hangs down from your IUD at least once a month (usually after your period) to make sure to make sure there aren't positioning problems. If the string is shorter, longer or you can't find it with your fingers, it's possible that your IUD has been displaced.


When an IUD is not in its proper position, its effectiveness is compromised. Until you can be examined by your doctor, it's wise to use a back-up birth control method such as condoms to prevent pregnancy.


But let’s chat about the real issues here, and how to fix them.


IUD Problems and Solutions

1)      My Periods Are Heavier And/Or My Cramps Are Worse

If this is the case, you’re probably using a copper IUD. Sometimes things get better if you just give it a couple months. You can also take ibuprofen the first few days of your period.

·       Still not working?

If you like the ease of using an IUD, but find that the side effects don’t get better with time or painkillers, you could try switching to a hormonal IUD or to the implant.


2)      My Partner Can Feel The String

If your partner can feel the strings, you can have the strings cut shorter. Just ask your health care provider. Also, the strings usually get softer over time.


3)      I Want To Get Pregnant

This one is easy. If you’re ready to get pregnant, just have your IUD removed. The hormones in your body should go back to normal quickly and you can start trying right away.


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