Where is an IUD or IUB Fitted?

Where is an IUD or IUB Fitted?

Where is an IUD or IUB Fitted?


The hormone free IUB™ is placed in your uterus during an office visit after an individual consultation by your health care provider. Your health care provider first examines you to find the position of your uterus.


After measuring your uterus, the IUB™ can be carefully inserted with a tube containing the IUB™ copper pearls. If women have not been pregnant yet, it can happen that the cervix needs to be stretched a little bit before inserting the IUB™ copper pearls.

Side note: How are women’s uteruses stretched before IUD insertion? The doctor might put a small clamp on your cervix to hold it steady, which can create a pinching sensation.


The cover tube in which the IUB is stored is removed and the IUB™ remains inside your uterus where it finds its ideal position and becomes active immediately. The correct position of the IUB™ can be checked with ultrasound examination. Two threads extend into your vagina, and may hang out of the cervix by a few cm’s. Make sure that if the strings are not comfortable, you can request your healthcare provider to trim them at any time. Ready more about IUD strings here.


The best time for the placement is the last days of your menstruation when the cervix is open wide enough and the possibility of a pregnancy is the lowest. 4-12 weeks after the placement a check-up examination should be done. After that a yearly check-up with your health care provider is recommended.


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