Sex and the IUD: All You Need to Know

Sex and the IUD: All You Need to Know

Sex and the IUD: All You Need to Know


Choosing to have an IUD fitted may be one of the most liberating things a woman can choose to do for herself in the 21st century. She has chosen a (likely) hormone-free solution for birth control, which is easily reversible and will last her up to five years of protection against unwanted pregnancy.


That being said, we already know the major health benefits of an IUD or IUB are expansive, but what about when it comes to intercourse? This is an issue many women struggle with, mostly due to the fact there’s not too much info freely floating about for them to research. We, with the help of Women’s Health Magazine, are going to address the six most common factors associated with sec when using an IUD.


Sex With an IUD or IUB

1)      Hormone-Free IUD’s and IUB’s Should Not Affect Your Sex Drive

There are two types of IUDs: non-hormonal and hormonal, neither of which should have an impact on your sexual desire or how you feel during sex. In fact, a 2012 study of 400 women found that there were no significant differences in sexual functioning between women using a hormonal IUD and those using a copper one.

2)      IUD’s May Improve the Quality of Your Sex Life by Promoting Spontaneity

Because concerns about unplanned pregnancy usually take a backseat when sporting an IUD, some women experience an increase in sexual pleasure. "When you don't have to remember to take a pill and an IUD doesn't require any in-the-moment effort like condoms, sex can be more spontaneous."

3)      Your Partner Should Not Feel The Strings if They Are Correctly Trimmed

If you're worried about your IUD strings poking your partner, you're in good company—it's one of the most common concerns among women. The strings could feel sharp to a man's penis depending on how they were cut. The strings should always be cut straight, but if a doctor newer to IUD insertion mistakenly cuts them at an angle, this can cause the string to feel needle-like. But don't fret: The odds of this happening are slim to none. These days, IUD strings are super-thin, barely noticeable, and soften over time—and if your partner does report feeling them, you can always check in with your doc to have them shortened. 

4)      Slight Bleeding After (and During) Sex is Normal

Some women do experience bleeding during sex with an IUD—especially hormonal IUDs (something you need not worry about with the CopperPearls IUB)—though it isn't common. Hormonal IUDs thin out the endometrial lining, the inside of the uterus that sheds each month with a period. If the lining is very thin, it may shed a bit during sex, which would cause bleeding. However, you should always touch base with your doctor to nail down the exact cause of your post-sex bleeding, especially if you're in pain. It could be a sign that your IUD is out of place, which leaves you unprotected.

5)      The IUD and IUB Do Not limit Your Sexuality

Every body is different, but if the IUD is in the proper position in the uterus, you shouldn't feel it during sex at all – no matter the position. 

6)      Vigorous Sex Will Not Dislodge Your IUD or IUB

Your IUD may slip out (called this expulsion), but it's highly uncommon. In the first year after getting an IUD, the expulsion rate is roughly 5 percent. Having sex wouldn't increase or decrease this risk. Some uteruses will just expel an IUD. Usually, you can get another one placed and it won't happen again, but sometimes a woman's uterine cavity is too small to comfortably use an IUD, which is a concern CopperPearls has addressed by making the IUB device available in three sizes.


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