How to Check the Strings of Your IUD / IUB Device

How to Check the Strings of Your IUD / IUB Device

How to Check the Strings of Your IUD / IUB Device


Congratulations! You’ve just joined the school of women who have decided to set and forget their birth control for at least five years, and have decided to do away with the nasty side effects of traditional types of hormonal birth control. You may have noticed a slightly unwelcome new friend, those pesky strings that are attached to your IUD or IUB device. Why are they there and what can you do about them?

We’ve got you covered.


IUD Strings

At the end of every IUD there are two thin strings that the doctor will eventually use to pull the device out of your body, either when it's expired or when you decide you don't want it anymore. When the IUD is in place, the strings will hang down from your cervix into the very top of your vagina.


The strings will reach just outside your cervix. Women are encouraged to check the strings of their IUD on their own every month to make sure they can still feel them. Feeling the strings on your own is crucial. In rare cases, IUDs can be expelled from the uterus or even break through the uterine wall, and regularly checking up on the strings is the best way to verify that your IUD hasn't wandered off.


If you have had a CopperPearls IUB device fitted, you can simply head over to your gynaecologist and ask them to trim the strings to a more comfortable length, and perhaps even one that allows for the strings not to protrude from the vagina. That being said, you still have to pay close attention to any movement of the device or strings themselves.


How Do I Check IUD Strings?

All you have to do is reach up into your vagina with your finger until you find your cervix. You might need to adjust your sitting or standing position to reach it, but you'll know when you've found it:


Some women say touching your cervix feels just like touching your nose. (If knowing what it looks like will help, check out these photos a real woman took of her own cervix on every day of her menstrual cycle.)


One you reach the cervix, move your finger around until you feel the strings. They're a bit like fishing line, but softer. And if you want help learning to find the strings, ask your doctor. He or she can give you a tutorial during an exam or just after the IUD insertion.


Can My Partner Feel the Strings During Sex?

If you're worried about your IUD strings poking your partner, you're in good company—it's one of the most common concerns among women. The strings should always be cut straight, but if a doctor newer to IUD insertion mistakenly cuts them at an angle, this can cause the string to feel needle-like.


But don't fret: The odds of this happening are slim to none. These days, IUD strings are super-thin, barely noticeable, and soften over time—and if your partner does report feeling them, you can always check in with your doc to have them shortened.



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