Organic Alternatives to Hormonal Contraceptives

Organic Alternatives to Hormonal Contraceptives

Organic Alternatives to Hormonal Contraceptives

There’s absolutely no denying that the movement towards natural, organic and hormone-free products, foods and medicines has almost outnumbered those advocating Western medicine. We’ve seen a huge movement of mothers choosing not to vaccinate their children, more and more organic grocers, and even organic variants of everyday, common products.


The same can be said for women choosing what they put into their bodies in terms of contraceptives. While the market is flooded with every imaginable type of contraceptive – from off-the shelf barrier methods like the male and female condom, to prescribed hormonal contraceptives such as the pill or injection, non-hormonal variants such as the loop, coil, IUD and IUB seem harder to come by.


This is sometimes the case, but for good reason. You will still require a Doctor to insert the device, and the product itself obviously costs more. But if we consider the initial spend, typically in the region of R 2 500.00 – R 5 000.00 for various brands of non-hormonal contraceptives, and compare it to the monthly spend of either pills, condoms or injections, the initial “larger” spend for an intra-uterine device will come out cheaper almost every single time. Another important factor to remember is that a typical IUD lasts years, meaning no repeat doctors’ visits for scripts and daily reminder to take the pill etc.


How is the Copper IU System Organic?

Barring women who suffer from Wilson’s disease, which is an inherited disorder that causes too much copper to accumulate in the organs, a copper-based IU system is one of the healthiest ways to prevent pregnancy. The copper acts in a manner that it only affects sperm; it does not cause any interference with hormones, whether it is thickening of the lining of the uterus or prevention of ovulation, but simply prevents the sperm from implanting.


Women can enjoy the freedom of not worrying about pregnancy prevention, without experiencing the often awful side effects of traditional (and somewhat old-fashioned contraceptives.


There is no influence on oestrogen or progesterone production, meaning no chance of hyper pigmentation, breast tenderness, mood swings, acne, hormone-related abdominal bloating, depression, decreased libido or any of the other associated hormonal side effects.


The only considerable downfall in terms of “organic” related issues when using copper IU systems is the need for a barrier method to be introduced when attempting to prevent STD’s or STI’s. Copper IU systems work exceptionally well at preventing pregnancy, but the only way to prevent sexually transmitted infections is by using condoms.


The Copper IUB is possibly one of the most natural and safest means of contraceptive, and is one of the less costly options available to the South African market at present.



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