IUD without Visible Strings

IUD without Visible Strings

IUD without Visible Strings

IUD’s are arguably the most convenient “set and forget” type of contraceptive methods around. They do not have any hormonal impact, they allow for regular periods and best of all – they last for up to five years.


But anyone who has had an IUD fitted with likely agree that one of the most annoying factors of it is the visible string. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be annoying and cause irritation to the sensitive area in which it’s placed.


IUB Device with No Visible Strings

The Copper Pearl IUB was launched in September of 2017, designed by Dr Ilan Baram – a specialist Gynaecologist and inventor of this innovative product. This is one of the first types of IUD’s to come in three sizes ranging from 12 mm to 18 mm in diameter. Your doctor will advise you which size is most suitable for you.


Since the IUB™ is one third to a half of the size of traditional intrauterine devices, it can be inserted almost painlessly without local anaesthesia.


Once the IUB™ is placed in the uterus it forms a 3-dimensional spherical shape, and the small string attached to it will be trimmed to fit inside the vagina with zero visible strings.

Once you are accustomed to it, if the strings are still causing irritation or discomfort, you can always re-visit the doctor who fitted it to have said string trimmed to fit your body and lifestyle better.


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