Do I Get My Period with an IUD?

Do I Get My Period with an IUD?

Do I Get My Period with an IUD?


Forfeiting a monthly period is the dream of the majority of women nowadays; getting to skip on cramps, spending on sanitary items and painkiller monthly, and the added benefit of not needing to concern yourself daily about unwanted pregnancies means a lot more free time to do the things we enjoy.

While using hormonal contraceptive methods, such as the patch, pill or injection, one is prone to having un-cyclic periods, unpredictable in timing, duration and severity. One of the main reasons women are opting for IUD birth control methods is the forfeiture of monthly periods.

The first couple of menstruations after insertion can occur stronger than usual; the uterus needs time to adapt to the new situation. This side effect usually subsides and the IUB is expected to have limited influence on your menstruational bleeding after that.


“It may depend on what your period was like before you got one. One major potential selling point of hormonal IUDs is their ability to sometimes make periods lighter and shorter. For about 1 in 5 people using the IUDs, periods stop altogether after a year.”

If you experienced heavy periods before fitting an IUD, you will likely experience reduced severity in the months to come. Having a heavier period may benefit you especially during insertion – many doctors recommend waiting until you are in your menstrual cycle to have an IUD fitted to assist in the ease of insertion.


Is it Healthy to Not Have a Period when using an IUD?

“Also, the hormonal IUD: Reduces heavy menstrual bleeding by an average of 90% after the first few months of use. Reduces menstrual bleeding and cramps and, in many women, eventually causes menstrual periods to stop altogether. In this case, not menstruating is not harmful.”


While there is no black-and-white answer in terms of how an IUD will affect your own personal cycle, but it is safe to say that an IUD will assist in reducing the symptoms and duration of you period.


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