Is a Copper IUD Safe?

Is a Copper IUD Safe?

Is a Copper IUD Safe?


With more and more women choosing their sexual health with more informed decisions and less “take what you can get” scenario’s, there has been an influx of various types of newer birth control methods. One of these methods is the copper IUD system. This system is non-hormonal, with very few side effects, no maintenance and a lifespan of five years. The only thing this type of contraceptive does not guard against is STD’s – in which a barrier method of contraception is ones only choice.

But what about the actual copper used in this method? We know the copper is non-hormonal – but is it safe for our body’s - long term?


Copper IUD Side Effects

Some of the biggest concerns women have had regarding copper IUD devices are listed below:

1.       Copper – are elevated levels harmful and can the cause cancer?

2.       Does the body need to detoxify afterwards?

Copper is in clinical use intrauterine for decades - and there is no connection to cancer. We have done full animal toxicity studies according to FDA requirements and came out good. There is no systemic toxicity with the copper, nor any need to "detoxifying" it.

3.       Will the copper “attack” an unborn baby in early pregnancy?

The main mode of action of copper is preventing sperm motility - thus - preventing fertilization!  So in this case there is no fertilized ovum in the first place. In the rare cases were fertilization does take place - the endometrial environment will not enable it to get implanted. So if there is no implantation - there is no pregnancy - there is no abortion. One has to know the biology in order to understand. After fertilization it takes about 7 days to the fertilized ovum to reach the uterus during which the fertilized egg is not yet divided to an embryo and placenta. So actually there is no "baby" to attack

4.       Copper on a finger goes green – what happens in the uterus?

Indeed copper can be oxygenated i.e. - "turn green" when exposed to air. The uterine environment is not exposed to air so the copper does not oxygenate. After retrieving hundreds or even thousands of devices after long clinical use - "green" copper has never been observed.

5.       Can you clarify what the copper “attacks”?

The sperm or the egg as these women seemed worried that the copper was making the egg unfertilized after it was fertilized causing the embryo to die? Answered above


The information sourced in this article has been provided by a Dr Ilan Baram. He is actually the inventor of the IUB!



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